Is the Canaview service limited to just real estate ?​

The Canaview service can be applied to virtually any space where detail is required. Perhaps you want to document the precise details and items within a particular space for insurance purposes or maybe you own a restaurant and want to show off the dining space along with the delicious food served there. The possibilities are endless!

Can you attached different types of media?

Media can be embedded in your scan in virtually any format. Perhaps you have a produced video that you’d like to pop up at a key point in the tour. No problem. Maybe you want have technical data included on aspects of your space. We got you covered. Perhaps you’d like some narration to better explain the key features in your business. We’d love to help. Our main focus at Canaview is to get you and your business on the map.

A floor plan image is great but as an architect I need more detail. How accurate are the scans?​

At Canaview we can provide anything from basic floor plans to full on CAD drawings with 99% accuracy. We take the various needs of our clients very seriously and we know detail and accuracy is of the upmost importance. 

Is the webpage limited to just a few pictures?​

At Canaview we have several packages to fit the various needs of our clients however we offer many customizable features. Everything from slideshows to fully produced and polished custom video tours and commercials. The sky is the limit at Canaview!

I'm very busy. How long with it take to get a scan done?

Typically an average sized home take under 2 hours to complete a scan. At Canaview we make every effort to work with our clients to meets their needs while being flexible and timely in the delivery of our product and service. 

How long will my scan be available to me and my customers?​

At Canaview we recognize the varying needs of our clients and thats why we keep your data safe and sound for as long as you or your business requires.

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